Getting Healthy Without Weights

So I’ve been wanting to get in better shape again, but I don’t really have a gym workoutmembership. Been thinking about getting one soon though (once I have the budget, that is). Anyway, until then I’ve decided to just work out in my home gym.

So far my home gym includes a bench, some weights, a bike, and one of those body opponent bags. Doesn’t sound like much right now, but it seems to be working out just fine.

My routine typically goes like this…

In the morning I bike to work every day. It’s about a 5 mile ride each day and it’s a lot of up hill cycling. The roadbike I have is pretty high quality and the ride is comfortable for the most part. I bike at a moderate pace which is enough to get my heart pumping pretty good, although I never quite make it to work completely drenched in sweat (I do this on purpose so that I don’t scare all my co-workers).

The ride back is a little bit easier since it’s mostly down hill. However, I’ll occasionally take a longer route home in order to beef up the workout.

When I get home, I’ll usually grab a bite to eat and then hit the bench. I’ve been working some hefty sets, mainly focusing on two areas at a time. I’ll do chest and triceps on one day, legs and back on the other, and then random lifts on the third day. I take a day off in-between and then start the 3 day split again.

Overall, I think this routine is working out well for me. Once I get a gym membership (probably at anytime fitness, cause it’s the closest), I’ll likely continue a similar routine, but the added equipment will do well to aid in this journey. My goal is to improve my cardio, gain some muscle, and get healthy. I’m hitting 30 this year and I’ve been inactive for a long time so this new goal is perfect for me.

Wish me luck!

Juicing and Lifting

After reading this guys ultimate guide to juicing, I decided to give it a try myself. It wasn’t easy.

One thing that I’ve noticed while on the diet was that it took a lot of energy out of me. I know a lot of people have been saying that they feel more energetic after jumping on a juicing diet, but for those people, it’s likely that they do not work out much at all.

juicing and liftingI can see how if you’re a couch sitter, then you may feel more energetic during a juicing cleanse, but if you’re like me, trying to work out each and every day becomes quite a bit harder.

That being said, I’ve been pushing though. After first deciding to go on this cleanse, I was super psyched to get everything started. I got a new juicer, bought a ton of vegetables and got right to it.

The Diet

The diet itself consisted of raw foods. I focused on the greens such as kale and spinach. I knew that this type of diet would help alleviate cramps during workouts.

I also made sure to throw in some other solid foods like avocados, nuts, and fruits. Altogether, I was probably taking in about 1500 calories per day.

Working Out While on the Diet

During the first few days, I instantly felt the cleanse itself take a lot of strength away from me. My body had less energy to devote to my workout since it was working to detox. Also, the heavy dip in protein made it difficult for my muscles to function at the same level.

Rather than running 4 miles a day, I had to drastically cut it in half. I probably could have pushed past this, but I didn’t want to feint along the way.

I also got rid of a lot of the heavy lifting that I was doing. Instead, I worked on lifting lighter weights for longer periods of time.

End of the Diet

Now that I’ve completed the diet, I have to say that I do feel much better. I have resumed my normal diet of high protein foods. My body did not have any issues with this transition. I’m back to longer runs and heavier weights. The best part of it is that my body feels healthier and I also feel that not only has my strength returned, it’s actually increased significantly.

I’m sure results will vary depending on the person, but for me it all went well and I had a good experience. I recommend trying it for yourself.

Health And Emotions

I’ve been doing a little bit of studying and I found that your health and your emotions are directly related. Sure this sounds like something that may be obvious to some people, but to me this was a fascinating new avenue. People deal with a lot of emotional stresses each and every day, and the ones that are able to handle and deal with it well, end up having a healthier body as a result. So what sort of things build bad stresses that can affect your emotional health?

  • Getting fired from your job.emotional health
  • Dealing with the death of a friend or family
  • Getting a divorce or losing a loved one.
  • Having issues or problems with money.
  • Moving
  • Arguments in your family

All of these things can have bad effects on your emotional well being, thus further influencing your actual physical health.

Now I’ve heard about the whole “less stress = living longer”, but it was surprising to me to find out that there were some immediate problems to having these sort of emotional stresses. For example, emotional stress can lead to back pain, chest pain, and even constipation or diarrhea! Crazy, right? This is just the tip of the iceberg. Other pains that are in the mix include headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, tiredness, and upset stomach.

Dealing with bad emotions can severely weaken your immune system and cause even further ailments and sickness.

Next time that I deal with any emotional stress, I plan on working hard to relax and find better ways of coping. Currently i’m looking into yoga and deep breathing exercises. These have worked wonders for other people and I’m hoping they’ll help me out as well. It’s about time I start taking better care of my health.